at the Park Practice

Can you treat headaches?

Whilst the large majority of headaches are caused by muscular tension and strain around the upper neck joints they are occasionally an indicator of other processes in the body. On your first visit your osteopath will through detailed questioning and examinations try to establish exactly what the underlying cause of the headache pattern is, and whether it will be responsive to treatment.

Many of us carry tension in the upper back and neck from the stresses and strains of day-to-day life. This can be worsened by such things as an uncomfortable pillow, poor posture or seating, excessive carrying or a sudden jar to the neck or back.

Once the muscles start to tighten in the shoulders and neck the neck often becomes stiffer than normal and this usually worsen the muscular tensions. The muscular restrictions will reduce the available blood flow, leading to the heavy tight feeling in the top of the shoulders, base of the skull and in the forehead that we associate with tension headaches.

Massage and stretching to the muscles of the upper back, shoulder girdle neck and head will relieve the pain and careful manipulation of the neck joints may be needed to align the neck to reduce the chances of the headaches returning.

Simple exercises and advice concerning carrying and sitting and sleeping position is likely to be offered to help maintain the changes.