at the Park Practice

Who regulates Osteopathic Practice?

Osteopathy has been recognised as providing a major contribution to musculo-skeletal medicine and it is now regulated by an act of Parliament (Osteopaths Act 1993), the first of the complementary medical approaches to be formalised under law. This ensures the osteopath you see will have been fully trained on a 4 or 5 year course. They are also required to hold fully compliant insurance and maintain an ongoing programme of professional development.

What Should I Wear?

As it is common practice to ask patients to partially undress for an examination, gowns and towels are available for any patients who require them. It is not essential that patients undress although loose light clothing is ideal for those who would rather remain dressed throughout.

Is Osteopathy covered by my Health Insurance?

All health insurance companies cover osteopathic treatment, although different policies offer different levels of cover. Please check with your insurers for details. Practitioners are registered with all the insurance providers who require it.

What are your charges?

Our current charges are 45 for the 1st visit (up to 60 mins).

Follow up visits, lasting 30 - 40 minutes, are 37.

How can I Pay?

You can pay by cash, cheque, or debit card. It is usual to settle the fees owed at the time of treatment. Some insurers prefer direct invoicing and this can be arranged. An administration charge may be applied to fees that are charged on account.

Do I need my GP to refer me?

No. Your osteopath may feel you need to see your G.P., and with your permission, will contact them.