at the Park Practice


Bill Garland qualified from the British School of Osteopathy in London in 1989.

Since then he has worked in the UK and overseas in a wide variety of practice settings.

For 10 years Bill worked at the Rugby Osteopathic Centre leaving in 2008 to become the Principal Osteopath at the Park Practice in Coventry, where Bill lives with his family.

Since gaining a post graduate teaching certification in 2012, Bill has been lecturing in anatomy to first year osteopathic students at the Stockholm College of Osteopathic Medicine in Sweden.

Joanne Brewis achieved her degree in Osteopathy from Oxford Brooks University in 2004 and has worked at the Park Practice since. She has also worked in practices in Milton Keynes, Napton and Lutterworth.

Joanne is interested in treating postural pain, sporting and non-sporting injuries. She is keen to promote prevention of injuries through exercise and ergonomic advice. She is also qualified to use ultrasound therapy.

Previous to her career in Osteopathy she worked in a laboratory for 8 years, having achieved her first degree in Pathobiology from Reading University. Joanne is married with two young children.




William Garland I'm Registered Mark 3451
Joanne Brewis I'm Registered Mark 5091