at the Park Practice

What happens when I visit an Osteopath?

On your first visit the osteopath will take a full case history asking you about your current problem and any past history. They will then conduct a physical examination using observation and palpation to evaluate the skin, muscle tone and standing posture. The osteopath will then ask you to perform simple movements whilst standing or sitting and once on the couch may move your body through similar movements to gain the fullest picture of the tissue state and the ability of the joints.

If the osteopath does not think it is appropriate to proceed with treatment this will be fully explained and a course of action will be discussed.

Treatment consists of muscular massage, articulatory movements to stretch the joints and if appropriate joint mobilisation or manipulation to restore the full range of movement. The diagnosis of the problem will be properly explained and the likely outcome of treatment will be discussed. Any additional advice and exercise or lifestyle modification will also be discussed.

The first visit will take up to an hour and follow up treatments will last about 30 minutes each. Commonly patients find that between 2 and 6 visits most beneficial. Some patients find that periodic treatments are helpful in preventing recurring problems.